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Small Business

Success is often just an idea away.

- Frank Tyger

Whether your business needs are simple or complex, Kay Perrone & Associates has the full working knowledge of tax laws to serve all your accounting needs from tax planning to financial accounting to long-term strategies.

We specialize in the tax and accounting needs of small to medium-sized business owners. Our monthly accounting services allow business owners to take immediate steps to improve profits and cash flows, as well as providing income tax projections during the tax year. These services allow the business owner to make plans and take actions to reduce their year-end tax liability.

Our Controller Service helps companies that are able to perform their basic, daily accounting tasks but need an accounting and payroll expert to act as Accounting Manager/Controller/CFO. This service is customized to your needs and can be as simple or as extensive as the situation requires. We can write your checks, reconcile your bank statements, prepare payroll tax and sales tax returns, and produce monthly financial reports, to name a few available services. Most importantly, we’ll discuss what the numbers are actually telling you about your business. The Controller Services may be conducted on a weekly, quarterly, or monthly schedule, but weekly and monthly schedules provide business owners up-to-date information that can be acted on immediately.

QuickBooks ® can be a powerful tool for small businesses, but only if it is set up properly and the users are trained in its correct use. As QuickBooks Professional Advisers, we stand ready to assist you with your software needs. Many clients find a combination of QuickBooks implementation and our Controller Services, mentioned above, to be the ideal solution for their accounting needs.

Regardless of the services we provide, our goal is excellence. As part of our personal, but team, approach, we promise:

  • Your phone calls will be returned promptly, usually the same day.
  • Your financial statements will be returned within ten business days of receipt of your complete information.
  • Your tax returns and any other compliance forms will be completed by or before the promised date.
  • Your taxes will always be projected ahead of time, and you will always be advised as to how to reduce your tax liability in advance.

We understand that changing accountants can be a difficult decision. However, successful business people are those who surround themselves with the best bankers, attorneys, and certified public accountants. They have Partners in Success.

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